William and Kate meet entrepreneurs in Boston amid growing race row

The Prince and Princess of Wales met budding environmental tech entrepreneurs in Boston – and a little boy dressed as a family guard.

William and Kate’s three-day trip to the US to host the Earthshot prize has been overshadowed by the growing race row that has dogged the future king’s godfather, who has accused the monarchy of being institutionally racist.

Lady Susan Hussey has stepped down from her role in the royal household and apologized after repeatedly asking Ngozi Fulani, a prominent black British-born domestic abuse charity boss, about where she “really comes from” during a Buckingham Palace reception.

The prince remained focused on his environmental award during his visit to Greentown Labs near Boston and issued a warning, saying: “Time is ticking for all of us.”

Speaking to some of the Earthshot finalists last year, he praised them for their ground-breaking work, adding: “As time goes on, I keep saying ‘Let’s move faster and faster’. “

The prince’s estranged brother, the Duke of Sussex, and his wife are not expected to attend the environmental awards on Friday, but on the second day of Wales’ first foreign trip since the Queen’s death, the trailer for Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Doc. -series was released.

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The one-minute film featured never-before-seen private photos of the couple, who live in California, and in part of the footage, Meghan appears to be wiping away tears while Harry sits and tilts his head back, apparently in distress . .

A Kensington Palace spokesman repeated comments made before the trip that they would not be “distracted” by other matters this week and their focus today was on meeting communities and local people across Boston.

The pair looked relaxed and were greeted by cheers from the crowd as they arrived at Greentown Labs, a tech hub that has fostered a community of climate pioneers for more than a decade.

Greentown is believed to be the largest climate technology start-up incubator in North America, having supported more than 500 companies since they were founded in 2011, which have created more than 9,000 jobs and raised more than $4 billion in funding.

In contrast to the drama in Britain, there was a lighter moment during the visit when the couple met eight-year-old Henry Dynov-Teixeira, who was dressed as a guard in a replica scarlet tunic and bearskin.

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The youngster handed Kate a bunch of red roses and said he was “thrilled” to meet the royal family in person.

Royal visit to Boston - Day 2

Henry Dynov-Teixeira, 8, dressed as a guard (Kirsty O’Connor/PA)

“I’m going to scream and tell my best friend that I’m famous now,” Henry added.

Hi mom Irina, who visited London this summer with her son, said: “He saw the watch on a visit to London and wore it for Halloween.”

Later, William praised the “incredible” work of Roca, a non-profit organization that supports disadvantaged young people at risk or involved in urban violence.

Royal visit to Boston - Day 2

The Princess of Wales meets well-wishers during a visit to Roca, in Chelsea, Massachusetts (Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror/PA)

When the couple visited the organization, they received a reassuring welcome as they took their first walk of their US trip in Chelsea, a short drive from Boston, with a young woman who collapsed in tears.

She didn’t want to give her name, but kept patting Kate’s hand and thanking her for all she had done.

Later in an impromptu speech, William described the work of the organization as “incredible” and said the team was inspiring, adding: “We really enjoyed making this connection today.”

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Royal visit to Boston - Day 2

The Princess of Wales meets a young child during the visit (Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror/PA)

In the building of the organization, the couple were introduced to Molly Baldwin, Chief Executive Officer of Roca, who began her professional life as a youth worker, founding the organization in 1988 to work with a small group of high-risk young people.

William said: “It tries to convey the message that there is a gray area between when you look at a young person and see a gap between the potential they have and the difficulties they cause.

“How do we deal with this as a society? There is so much happening in between and there is so much potential there.

Royal visit to Boston - Day 2

The couple met counselors and clients at the center (Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror/PA)

Sitting with a group of two counselors and two young people who were helped by Roca, the couple talked more about the work of the organization.

Jonathan Williams, 22, a candidate for the Young Men’s Program, had an awakening while serving time for attempted robbery and is now, with Roca’s help, working to become an insurance broker and focusing on improving his self-image and helping others.

The prince and princess also went to the nursery for the children of young mothers who are helped by the center and sat down to play with them.


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