Trump vows to develop US domestic ‘missile shield’ if reelected

US President Donald Trump has previously emphasized that, if he were to take office again, he would set up a US protection network similar to Israel’s occupation of Iron Dome.

  • President Donald Trump arrives to speak earlier on November 8, 2022 at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida (AP Photo)
    President Donald Trump arrives to speak earlier on November 8, 2022 at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida. (AP)

US President Donald Trump stated on Friday that he would develop a new “missile defense weapon” for the United States if elected in the upcoming 2024 presidential election amid rising concerns about hypersonic missile threats.

“There is no greater threat than the destructive threat of nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles,” Trump said in a video statement. “When I am the commander-in-chief … I will work with Congress and our senior military leaders … to advance the nation’s state of the art, next-generation missile defense system,” he pledged.

According to the former head of state, the system would be similar to Israel’s occupation of the Iron Dome system amid concerns from the United States about hypersonic missiles, especially those armed with nuclear warheads.

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Republican US Senator John Cornyn warned earlier in January that China and Russia are ahead of the United States in hypersonic technology.

Trump emphasized that the world has become “much more dangerous” since President Joe Biden took office, arguing that nuclear rhetoric has not been used against the US under his administration and saying foreign adversaries are already using it because of their disdain. the incumbent administration and the leadership of Biden.

The former president asserted that WWI and WWII would be “miniature battles,” explaining that the best way to prevent such a conflict from occurring is to prepare with advanced technology and superior military capabilities.

Trump also said that the Space Force, which was established during his tenure, played a vital role in his proposed effort to create a shield for the United States.

He warned of nuclear war earlier in the day in commenting on US promises to supply Ukraine with tanks and IFVs.

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“First the TANKS, come the NUKES. Finish this crazy war, now. So easy to do!” Trump said on Social Truth, calling the war crazy in Ukraine and pushing the West to send tanks into the country.

On Wednesday, Vienna announced that it would supply Kiev with 31 Abrams tanks, which would form Ukraine’s tank phalanx.

The announcement was made shortly after Germany said it was committing to provide 14 Panther 2A6 tanks to Ukraine.

The Republican president has said several times that the conflict in Ukraine would never have happened if he were president and warned that the conflict would eventually lead to World War III.

A survey conducted in December by the Chicago Council showed a significant decline in American popular support for military support for Ukraine in light of the ongoing war.

Nearly half of Americans say Washington should encourage Kiev to make peace with Russia, according to the same survey.

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“Republican aid requests for Ukraine have risen since the spring, with 55 percent of Republicans saying they would send military aid, compared to 68 percent in July and 80 percent in March,” the survey found.

According to the opinion poll, 47% – from 38% in July – say that the United States should be encouraged to make peace as soon as possible, the costs to the American family are not so great, even if Ukraine means it. He will lose some territory.

Americans who say the country should support Ukraine “even if American families have to pay higher gas and food prices” have now declined to 48% – compared to 58% in July, according to the same survey.

As for 29% of the participants, they say that the United States of America will gradually withdraw its aid to Ukraine.


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