Recent Amendments to the Buy American Act (BAA) Reinforce SinglePoint Subsidiary, BPA Solutions, Commitment to Offering Products Built and Manufactured in the United States

  • Federal acquisition regulations (PROP) Congressional amendments to the American Buy Act have come into effect October 25th, 2022
  • One amendment requires the domestic content threshold of products purchased by the federal agency to be at least 55-60%, with several increases to come.
  • BPA Solutions has positioned itself to respond favorably to the American act, as all of its products are manufactured right here in the US.

Charles, SC, 15 Dec /PRNewswire/ — SinglePoint (OTCQB:SING) subsidiary sees style recently passed by BAA. Recent amendments to the Buy American Act requirements will further encourage federal procurement of products made in the US in the future. On October 25th, 2022three fundamental changes came into effect, one of which raised the minimum domestic threshold to 55-60%.

The BAA and rising domestic content thresholds mean that the government and other non-private entities must buy from companies whose products are made in the US to comply with current and future regulations and laws. The threshold will be raised to 65% in 2024 and to 75% in 2029.

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BPA used Solutions to become an approved vendor for the US General Services Administration Schedule (GSA Schedule). Vendors awarded contracts for product and service listings on the GSA Schedule benefit from prospective buyers knowing the vendor has met GSA’s strict standards. Once approved, BPA Solutions can offer products to federal agencies as well as state and local governments for purchasing through the Cooperating Program. This means more financial opportunities for BPA Solutions, as the Company will now be able to offer its top-of-the-line products for investment or installation in Federal and State buildings across the US

This program is supported by GSA operating under Executive Order 14005, an initiative by President Biden to boost and manage American-made businesses in America. Because of this, and the “Buy American” priorities of the Trump Administration, GSA is actively looking to buy things not done in USA and promote domestic content. All BPA Solutions products are made in the US, meaning the Company has already met the minimum domestic threshold required, now and as of now established by the federal government. As a potential GSA vendor, BPA Solutions can access a simplified and modernized contracting process to promote their products and provide them to national and state buyers as part of the federal effort.

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In addition to helping customers comply with BAA; BPA Solutions excited about competitive advantages, exclusive listings, faster procurement, and the ability to grow their business on the GSA Schedule listing. Our BOX Pure Air line of portable HEPA filtration is built and manufactured from air filtration Statesville, NC. our LifeShield + bullet-resistant shields and window coverings are manufactured in Johnson City, TN.

About SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB:SING)

Single Point is a sustainable living company in the solar energy and air purification market. The company plans to build the largest renewable energy solutions network and modernize the solar energy and energy storage business model. Single Point continues to execute its acquisition strategy, exploring future growth opportunities in air purification, electric vehicle advertising, solar subscription service, and additional energy efficiency and aids that enhance maintenance and healthier living. For more information, visit the Company’s website:, www.bostonsolar.usand

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About BPA Solutions

But BPA SolutionsWe believe in providing schools with products and services designed for a healthier, safer play environment. Our flagship entity, BOX Pure Air, introduced us to the school industry and the daily issues schools face. As we continue to expand, we are constantly looking for ways to provide quality school facilities at a reasonable cost. We now offer BOX Pure Air – Air Purification and indoor air quality solutions, VitaShield+ Bullet-resistant window shades & door screens, and BPA Consulting – provide guidance for schools receiving and spending federal funds.

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