New 90W QNAP PoE Managed Switch

PoE managed switch

This week, storage specialist QNAP unveiled a new half-width mounted 90Watt PoE++ Managed Switch that offers a space-saving networking solution built specifically with SMB IT Rooms in mind, according to a press release. The QSW-M2106PR-2S2T features a 10-port Layer 2 web PoE switch. Supporting 2.5GbE, 10GbE and 90W PoE++, the QSW-M2106PR-2S2T enables next-generation applications with ultra-high-speed and high-performance Wi-Fi 6/ Wi-Fi 6E/ Wi-Fi – Fi 7.

Providing not only Layer 2 functionality and intelligent PoE management through “user-friendly network management system‘, but also adopting a half-width rack-mountable form factor. Check out the video below made by QNAP to learn more about their latest PoE++ managed switch.

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“Wireless technology has evolved from Wi-Fi 6 to Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7, leading to prevailing demands for high-speed and high-performance access points and routers,” said Ricky Ho, product manager of QNAP, adding “half of the company The QNAP -width rackmount PoE switch, QSW-M2106PR-2S2T, offers multiple high-speed PoE ports that can be intelligently managed with a space-saving chassis, facilitating the deployment of next-generation wireless network infrastructure.

PoE managed switch

“The QSW-M2106PR-2S2T comes with two 10GbE SFP+ optical ports, two 10GbE 802.3bt 90W PoE ports and six 2.5GbE 802.3bt 90W PoE ports (ten ports in total). The QSW-M2106PR-2S2T is compatible with 10GbE, 2.5GbE and Multi-Gigabit NBASE-T technologies, enabling higher network speeds with existing Cat 5e cables for 2.5GbE RJ45 ports and 6a (or better) cables for 10GbE RJ45 ports. The 10GbE ports support five speeds (10Gbps, 5Gbps, 2.5Gbps, 1Gbps and 100Mbps).

“The QSW-M2106PR-2S2T utilizes the QNAP Switch System (QSS) and offers intelligent PoE management functions (including scheduling, power prioritization, and power on/off) that enable IT staff to efficiently control powered devices through a user-friendly web. GUI. The QSW-M2106PR-2S2T provides Layer 2 management functions (including LACP, VLAN, QoS and IGMP Snooping) for effective network bandwidth management and enhanced network security. With a half-width rack-mountable design, two QSW-M2106PR-2S2T or one QSW-M2106PR-2S2T with an additional half-width rack-mountable switch can be installed in a 1U rack space for efficient physical space utilization and tidy wiring.”

Source: QNAP

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