IShowSpeed slide tackles his computer during a VR game, crashes the system

YouTube streamer Darren “IShowSpeed” is no stranger to making his fan base laugh. In a recent stream, a YouTuber performed an outrageous slide at his computer after failing to score a goal in the Kinect Sports VR game.

Kinect Sports uses the Kinect motion sensing peripheral to detect the user’s movement. The game includes six sports: ten-pin bowling, boxing, athletics, table tennis, beach volleyball and association football.

IShowSpeed ​​​​decided to play football and after failing to score a goal during the match, he had to perform a slide on the opponent in the game. However, the streamer miscalculated his movements and crashed the Kinect peripherals.

IShowSpeed ​​steps on your computer, crashes the game it’s playing

IShowSpeed ​​has once again proven why it is one of the best trimmed streamers in the community. In a stream recorded this weekend (January 7), the 17-year-old was seen playing Kinect Sports.

While playing soccer, the streamer found himself on the defensive after handing possession to the AI. Darren thought he was tasked with making gear, so he went straight to his computer, dropped the camera, and unplugged the PS4.

(Timestamp: 00:48:59)

After spending a few moments in pain, the streamer figured out a way to reset his system and continue the match. He ended up losing the match 4:2. His ill-advised solution was one of the highlights of the stream and much to the amusement of the fans.

How fans reacted to his intervention

Darren’s slide kick is the latest addition to his long list of impulsive decisions on stream, and fans shared a number of reactions in the comments section. While some viewers seem to have been critical of the streamer’s actions, others thought it was hilarious. Here are some of the notable reactions to the clip after it was posted on Twitter:

@Dexerto this guy does everything for clicks

@Dexerto One of countless living examples of proof that you don’t have to be smart to be successful.

@Dexerto Is this the eighth time he’s accidentally broken his settings? 🧢

@HypedBounty @Dexerto This is not a funny brush. That was too obviously on purpose, the bro said slide tackle and proceeded to not slide, he brought his left hand up and went to kick the facecam

@Dexerto so many people hatin in the comments it’s hilarious 😭


Fans on YouTube had a different reaction to the clip. Viewers have recognized that the streamer is deliberately exaggerating their actions to create captivating content. Here are some of the notable comments:

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Fans share their thoughts on the clip (Speedy Boykins/YouTube)
Fans share their thoughts on the clip (Speedy Boykins/YouTube)

As fans’ comments suggest, this isn’t the first time the streamer has tampered with their settings. While some believe that IShowSpeed ​​is constantly at play, others remain convinced that the streamer is hardwired to go wild.

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