Chris Pratt Reveals Painful Bee Sting on His Left Eye

Chris Pratt has learned many skills for his on-screen roles, but it seems that beekeeping is not one of them.

On Thursday, Pratt shared a video on Instagram of himself talking into a front-facing camera while covering his eyes with sunglasses before revealing a swollen left eyelid after a recent attempt to “control the bees” went wrong.

“So I follow this bee lady on Instagram, and she’s so calm and brave, and she goes in front of these hives and says, ‘They’re so calm today. I’m going to remove the bee, and I’m going to sift through the bees with my bare hands and look for the queen,'” Pratt, 43, said. Explained in the video.

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“So I built up this false sense of security to the point where I said, ‘I think I can control bees, too.’ Guardians of the Galaxy The star continued.

Pratt explained that he tried the same technique — with much worse results — when he saw “a beehive” earlier this week.

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“So I saw a beehive two days ago, and I went up to it, and the guy next to me said, ‘Watch out, there’s bees,’ and I said, ‘These bees look so cool,'” the star said.

“I was staring at these bees, and then one of them came out and stung my eyeball. Anyway, f— that bee lady,’ ” Pratt says in the video, taking off his sunglasses to reveal the wound.

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“@texasbeeworks you inspire me!” The actor wrote in his Instagram caption, tagging the “bee lady” who questioned Erica Thompson, a beekeeper in Texas. “But really…”

Thompson responded to Pratt’s video in the comments of his post, urging the actor to focus more on the tasks in his wheelhouse — like saving the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser as the upcoming Mario. Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Chris Pratt; mario
Rich Furey/WireImage; Nintendo

“Wait—so you’re going to be a plumber and a beekeeper @prattprattpratt?!” the beekeeper wrote in the comments of Pratt’s post.

“If you leave saving the bees to me and the other professionals, you can focus on saving Princess Mario,” Thompson added in a comment.

Pratt would do well to lead the charge against Jack Black’s Bowser and leave real-world beekeeping to the professionals. Super Mario Bros. MovieIt also stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key and Charlie Day and will be released in theaters on April 7.


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